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The Interrogation Room

The Interrogation Room

Tony S. - June 2015


The Interrogation Room is where Metal Recon will post our weekly interviews with the winner of The Sinister Six. Every week Metal Recon will post six new videos for fans to explore and vote on. The winner of The Sinister Six will win a spot on the front page of Metal Recon, and be invited to come into our Interrogation Room for an in-depth interview for the fans who voted for them. 


Due to hectic tour schedules there may be instances where the winning band is not able to be interviewed, in such cases Metal Recon will attempt to interview the bands who finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on. However, we will make every attempt possible to give the fans and their winner their Interrogation.

Scarlet Canary

Tony S. - July 12, 2015


This week Metal Recon interrogated Hannah and Allen from Scarlet Canary, check out this exclusive interview From Metal Recon

Screaming for silence

Tony S. - July 1, 2015


This week Metal Recon interrogated Zeb from Screaming For Silence...check out the video to find out more about the band. 

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