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All Systems Are Go.... World's Loudest Month set to Launch from Florida this weekend!!

"Fort Rock" in Fort Meyers, Florida and "Welcome to Rockville" in Jacksonville, Florida both kickoff on Saturday April 30th.

"Fort Rock" will feature headliner's Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch on Saturday April 30th, and Disturbed and Shinedown on May 1st. Rob Zombie's new CD "The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser" is set to release on April 29th just one day before headlining Fort Rock. For more information about "Fort Rock" check out their website here:

"Welcome to Rockville" will feature the same headliners in reverse order. So, Disturbed and Shinedown will headline on April 30th, while Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch will be the featured artists on May 1st. For more information about "Welcome to Rockville" go to

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