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Sirius XM Liquid Metal's Devils Dozen

This week on Sirius XM Liquid Metal's Devils Dozen, Amon Amarth's "First Kill" gets knocked down to the number two spot, while Megadeth's "Dystopia" moves into the top spot at number one. Hatebreed's new song "A.D." makes their debut on the Devils Dozen with a spot in fourth place, and After the Burial stays in third place another week with their song "Lost in The Static".

12. Shattered Silence – Devil You Know 11. The Devil’s Bleeding Crown – Volbeat 10. Cut And Dry – Prong 9. Doomed User – Deftones 8. Zero – Otep 7. Daybreak – DevilDriver 6. We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead – Dead Cross 5. Hate By Design – Killswitch Engage 4. A.D. – Hatebreed 3. Lost In The Static – After The Burial 2. First Kill – Amon Amarth 1. Dystopia – Megadeth

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