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Scarlet Canary isn't your ordinary little bird...

Scarlet Canary is a highly energetic rock band based out of Denver, Colorado. Metal Recon was fortunate enough to catch Scarlet Canary at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, Colorado a few weeks ago and found this band to be extremely fun and entertaining. Honestly, I never thought I would dance to songs that Scarlet Canary covers, including Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" as seen here in this video. If that's not impressive enough, Scarlet Canary has played with national acts, such as Skillet and Saliva, while touring with Stitched Up Heart and is led by the talented young Hannah Maddox who lists In This Moment and Halestorm among her top influences. For more information about Scarlet Canary check out their website here: or check out or Interrogation with Hannah, Allen, Marcus, and Marcos coming soon on

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