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About Metal REcon

Metal Recon ltd is an Ohio based veteran owned company that focuses on finding and exposing the best new, up-coming, and un-signed local heavy metal and rock bands from around the Nation. 

Metal Recon seeks to maintain a website that is simple to navigate and appeasing to the visitors. Our goal is to focus on a few bands per week, allowing them maximum exposure to new fans and industry professionals. Instead of searching and digging through large amounts of music and videos, Metal Recon will do that work for you and provide you with only the bands that we think meet our stringent standards. Furthermore, Metal Recon invites rock and metal fans to participate in our search for great music by contributing to the Scout Reports. Fans can register, and submit their personal evaluation of bands that they have seen live. However, Metal Recon Commanders will still need to approve all of the information that is uploaded to the site.


The Metal Recon Commanders are all former military veterans with varying levels of education ranging from a Bachelors Degree to a Doctorate in Business Administration.


Pictured below are the Metal Recon Commanders:

Tony S. - CEO of Metal Recon

Matt G. - COO of Metal Recon

Rob H.  - CSO of Metal Recon


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